Frequently Asked Questions On Silk Pillowcases

Frequently asked questions

What is momme?

Momme is a form of weight measurement. While cotton is measured by thread count, the quality of pure silk is measured by momme weight. An increase in momme results in a heavier, stronger, more durable silk. For our durable pillowcases in NZ, we use 25 momme silk, which is a perfect thickness for everyday use. In comparison, 17 momme silk is used for delicate, sparingly used items such as light blouses or summer scarves.

Is it 100% pure silk?

Yes! All our silk7 products are made from premium 100% pure Mulberry silk with the highest grade 6A long fiber and a thickness of 25 Momme.

What is Mulberry silk?

Mulberry silk is the world’s highest quality silk.

Are SILK7 pillowcases easy to wash?

Absolutely.  Just use a detergent for silk. Wash in your washing machine in cold water on a gentle cycle. Air dry, preferable.

When can I expect my silk pillowcase to arrive?

New Zealand delivery takes 1-2 business days
Delivery to Australia 2-5 business days
All other countries 5-10 business days.